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istaform is a u-boot manufacturer

Istaform industrial group affiliated with mostahkam karan in 1983 with the aim of producing plastic products and components made of polypropylene was formed. Istaform factory located in tehran After the success in the production of polypropylene decided to produce lasting cube molds were voided slab systems. This type of mold known more by the name of U-Boot by a team of design engineers istaform, design and after obtaining the necessary permits, registration of industry and mass production. Square plastic molds lasting roof (U-Boot) is a specialized collection and construction work in connection with the ceiling into the industry. Products manufactured under the supervision of experts in laboratory, tested and in terms of international standards is regularly monitored.


This technology is an innovative combination of concrete, steel and molds made of polypropylene and inefficient placement of these forms of concrete and concrete slab in addition to weight loss and increased hardness of the concrete slab is consumed.

u-boot template designed
u-boot templates

istaform produces single and double uboot slabs.  base model is single and double version has 7 cm stand. Both models in standard dimensions of 52 x 52 and in heights of 8, 12 and 20 cm produced in this way will be 16-20-24-28-32-40 heights.

With regard to production capacity and facilities, we can manufacture customized u-boot in high number orders.

cnc at work