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frequently asked questions

یوبوت حفره دار

What is the disappointment between the hollow slabs (uboot) and the ordinary hollow slabs? A: The typical hollow slab that has been used for a long time in the building industry is composed of a number of orthogonal planes, with a concrete slab layer. This combination will create T-shaped beams ...

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new uboot perforated molding design

قالب یوبوت حفره دار

New Perforated Uboot Design The Istaform Industrial Group has come up with the latest knowledge in construction technology and has decided to modify its uboot templates. The last type and most complete type of punched blocks is the problem that solved the problems of single and double uboot, such as ...

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u-boot slabs technical points

نکات فنی یوبوت

1. The uboot molds should be arranged in accordance with the operational drawings on the roof. The distance between the first and last form of the uboot in each row and the column with the edge of the beam or beam shall be controlled to conform to the execution plans. ...

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U-Boot Advantages

cost reduction: This steel system to system cost reduction of 20 to 70 percent effective. Increase the number of parking due to the elimination of intermediate columns, the number of parking spaces provided in the system increases. In some cases, increasing the number of parking eliminates a garage floor building ...

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U-Boot Procedure

1. Close the form of flat underside of the slab At this stage, according to existing equipment, formatting underside of the slab. These molds can be made of wood, metal cabinet and so on. 2. Close the bottom slab reinforcement network Low voltage network implementation plan should be closed at least ...

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