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istaform produces single and double uboot slabs.  base model is single and double version has 7 cm stand. Both models in standard dimensions of 52 x 52 and in heights of 8, 12 and 20 cm produced in this way will be 16-20-24-28-32-40 heights.

istaform u-boot slab

Manufacturing U-Boot Aystafrm all these regulations comply with national building and with reference signifiers of style, government guidelines dated 02.16.2007 joined Italy D.5.1 perfectly matched. U-Boot System standard fire resistance REI 180 covered with at least 5.3 cm Italy has concrete.
The engineers of the executive and technical department of istaform conscientiously put in place special fittings in the body of the u-boat, a new design to facilitate and expedite the work of the executives, as well as to prevent the attachment of the rebar to the body of the u-boat, which caused the concrete to not penetrate between the reinforcing bars and the body of the U-boot (rings of the bars). That this was the satisfaction of the executives and employers.

Our manufactured product complies with all the requirements of the National Building Code and is fully compatible with the reference letter of the Lightweight Italian State Instruction dated 16/2/2007 D.5.1. The standard u-boat fire resistance system of Italy REI 180 with a coating of at least 3.5 centimeters of concrete has been repaired.

طراحی قالب یوبوت
u-boot design

With regard to production capacity and facilities, we can manufacture customized u-boot in high number orders.

قالب یوبوت با طراحی دقیق