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Why should not use polystyrene in building?

Although EPS due to low cost and ease of implementation is widely used in the construction industry, but its use has many weaknesses and problems caused by the scientific community – has been dealt industries.

Reference signifiers of style, government guidelines dated 16.02.2007 joined Italy D.5.1 states: “In cases where polystyrene molds with sex or similar materials used, should Fsharazafh window for the exit of gas emissions should be provided. “as before, the standard UNI 9502 Appendix 7. 2. 2 has passed” in the use of synthetic materials when the high temperature exposed to the gas turn, must be at the show valves for the fire be provided to the explosion caused material behavior and the structure is not damaged. ”

Therefore, the use of polystyrene in signifiers need more money to offset the pressure valves for the gas that is released from the molds, should be provided. Although the fire still spread of toxic gases into the environment that exists.

U-Boot piece of polypropylene that is not toxic even if completely burned. This standard fire resistance REI 180 Italia has won Concrete cover at least 5.3 cm. Other problems include large-scale and widespread polystyrene, transportation cost and difficulty in maintenance and storage, especially in open spaces outside the building. Polystyrene massive and widespread, and the edges and corners of the fragile pieces of broken implemented during the fall and annoying as they are difficult to collect. The chips stick to everything (especially network reinforcement) and very low due to the compressive strength of the concrete are porous and resistance reduction.

Another important feature of the slabs caved in acoustics and reduce the heat and cold transfer between classes due to empty space is created in the slab, which uses polystyrene these features will be lost.




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