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new uboot perforated molding design

یوبوت حفره دار

New Perforated Uboot Design

The Istaform Industrial Group has come up with the latest knowledge in construction technology and has decided to modify its uboot templates. The last type and most complete type of punched blocks is the problem that solved the problems of single and double uboot, such as the lack of concrete entry to the bottom of the double block of uboot, or the possibility of rising concrete in the single block.

New design benefits

This type of mold has an intermediate hole that makes it easy for concrete and vibration operations, as well as the ease of concrete penetration under molds during concrete work. Due to the possibility of concrete going from the middle to the inside, the block also requires at least and even zero extra super lubrication and is made of the finest materials. Also, problems with monolithic roofs do not cause poisonous gas during fire and so on.

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