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Executive Points

Executive Notes voided slab (U-Boot)
1. U-Boot Lockers must be arranged in accordance with contract drawing on the ceiling. U-Boot are the first and last frame in each row and column slab edge or beam control to comply with administrative maps.
2-packet on the side straps U-Boot Lockers are required according to the maps referred to in the executive, has been consolidated with plastic tape.
3. Picking up and down in a manner consistent network reinforcement in a bar placed between both the form of U-Boot. For this reason, it is recommended that the distance between the U-Boot is a piece of rebar, the maps and are arranged accordingly on the roof. Then one or more rebar between the rebar longer be added according to the maps with the same distance.
4. In areas where there is no risk of corrosion, which are the middle school should Aspysrhayy rebar down to 5/2 to 3 cm slab flooring used.

5.for using uboot with heights of over 20cm use armature meshs.

6.do not load heavy weights on u-boots especially over 100kgs
7. According to the executive drawings, each U-Boot in the corner of the armature pin must be used. One of the tasks of integrating this pin and keep the network up and down between the two U-Boot in the network.
8-strength concrete used in these signifiers in structural design determined the amount of operational maps are shown in the notes. Mental concrete (slump) should be about 11 to 13 cm was used to move concrete Under easy to fill the space below. It is highly recommended to increase the slump and prevent it from above psychological resistance reduced by the amount recommended in the technical catalog authorized single manufacturer should be used.
9-during concrete placement and vibration it is important to shed a layer of about 10 cm and then it had to be filled. It should be noted first layer to the initial set did not reach and seamless horizontal cool.
10. Upon completion of the core network reinforcement, additional reinforcement needed to be controlled to Ajragrdd maps. Add midspan of the rebar reinforcement, the columns and shear walls, large openings, reinforcement around openings and is 45 degrees.
11. Be careful if you need to connect non-structural components voided slab (U-Boot) such as facades, elevators, etc., plates designed to be firmly placed in the required location.
12-create negative deflection allowed size slabs is possible when formatting.
13-to uniform thickness of the concrete, it is recommended to concrete placement index (stencil) is reasonable.
14. If possible, it is recommended that the air pump is used for concrete placement.
15. Maintenance of the concrete after concrete placement must be done strictly in accordance with existing regulations.
Otherwise, the weight of the ceiling is concrete placement, creating a rich and cracks in your ceilings are lower.
17-time open safes, ceiling, according to the air temperature must be determined in accordance with existing regulations.
18-strength bars administrative maps are used in the notes. It should be noted turning point in the ceiling without coordination with Structural steel roof is not allowed.
19-in combination voided slab (U-Boot) Pyshtnydgy technology, in addition to the above should be noted: the minimum strength concrete cylinder is 300 kg per square centimeter. Before the operation tension cables, from opening the following formats avoided.
19-in combination voided slab (U-Boot) with pre-tensioning technology, in addition to the above should be noted:
* Minimum rolling resistance of concrete is 300 kg per square centimeter.
* Before operations tensioning cables, opening the following formats to be refused.