Roof Types

1. The barrel vault ceiling:
However, this type of roof is outdated criteria and byelaw are approved Nyst.sqf barrel vault made easily and at a low cost Myshvd.ama due to high weight and poor performance during the earthquake, the roof is not reliable.

2-roof crossbars:
This type of roof is considered one of the most common types of roofs. Roof components – including joists blocks, block fillers and reinforcing reinforced concrete Varmatvr Hrraty and cutting (Avtka) is.
Variety of coverings:
A) Piles of concrete heels
B) The metal joists with John open (Kermit)
C) pre-tensioned beams (Ashpnyt)
D) Tom beam
Filler block types:
A) polystyrene blocks
B) clay blocks
C) Block

3. Composite roofing:
This type of roof is only applicable in steel structure. Its components include sub-beams (Honeycomb-profile) cutting, concrete is fittingsElectro.

4-ceiling steel deck:
This type of roof is thriving in recent years is the building of own again. The main reason for this good fortune Sazdgan and construction contractors, it Ast.ajzay run quickly forming steel roof deck includes sub-beams, galvanized steel trapezoidal, stud, concrete and reinforcement is Hrraty.

5-concrete slab roof:
. Component day. The roof reinforcement Vbtn Ast.nchh that the concrete slab roof should be noted that one-way and two-way slab is basically divided into two categories of evidence. (U-Boot roof also classified in this group.)

6-ceiling beam slab:
The roof Composite roofing is similar to the difference that its subsidiary concrete beams. Vdal ceiling beam in situ concrete structure and steel structure pre-made just runs.

7. voided biaxial slab roof:
This type of roof construction industry has just entered Iran two-way slab Structurally similar to that of course there are differences with it. Thus, the thickness of the slab style hollow spheres with on a regular basis in order to prevent the fact of introducing concrete to fill it. The hollow spheres are doing what style is similar to that block filler (foam) on the roof crossbars are doing. The balls are made of recycled poly ethylene or poly-protein. Voided biaxial slab ceilings have so far failed due to high cost and time consuming to construct ceilings in the building industry’s proper place within it.

8-ceiling Roofix:
The roof Composite roofing is the fact that instead of boards or sheets (which are used as a template) of a metal plate perforated with Roofix name is used as a viable format. Roofix galvanized steel sheet with a thickness of 7 /. To 0. 8 mm. It makes interlace Roofix fresh concrete as well as concrete and metal combinations involved and because the resulting strength to withstand the loads exerted on the roof will be noticeable.Since Roofix is ​​a viable form part of the expenditure ceiling materials considered and thus cost slightly raise it.
9-ceiling Voided Slab U:
In slabs caved in, using a grid of orthogonal beams under the main slab, reduces the amount of concrete, reinforcement and at the same time reducing the weight of the ceiling. However, in this system indicates the difficulty level increases. The increasing difficulty of creating T-shaped cross-section is in evidence. Voided slab (U-Boot) is also inspired by the slabs caved in and by changing the level of T to I and thus further increase the hard evidence has emerged.
increased hardness of the concrete slab.
Today, the concrete flat slabs with conventional reinforcement can be used in large openings. Some of the progress made in the field of technology and reinforced concrete flat slab concrete reasons for the implementation of long-span is as follows:
– The use of high-strength steel reinforcement
– Use negative reinforcement in the slab to reduce the deformation of the upper side of the slab of multi-span

– The use of high-strength concrete slabs
– Using the new formatting systems indicates that in addition to the possibility of arbitrary geometry, reduced administrative costs as well.
A designer can according to the reinforced concrete ceiling systems, ceiling systems suitable and economic choices. Reinforced concrete ceiling system in addition to the economic plan should consider the following points:
– The ceiling should have sufficient strength to withstand the applied loads.
– To limit deformation under load permanent and non-permanent values ​​should provide hard evidence is needed.
– By increasing the size of craters, hardness is more important. In this case it is possible to measure the resistance, hardness determination is the main dimensions.
As noted above with increasing difficulty slab can be covered more openings. The fact that the aid system is Formatting possible cause of difficulty is different slabs, some of which include:
– Flat slab
– Inscriptions flat slab (mushroom)
– Slabs with secondary beams
– Voided slab

design benefits

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