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U-Boot Advantages

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cost reduction: This steel system to system cost reduction of 20 to 70 percent effective. Increase the number of parking due to the elimination of intermediate columns, the number of parking spaces provided in the system increases. In some cases, increasing the number of parking eliminates a garage floor building and is further savings in costs.


Reducing the cost ceiling: Voided Slab U by removing the poster and the inscription beams protruding from under the roof, in addition to reducing the overall height of the building and materials consumption, eliminate the need for false ceiling in the building.

Technical advantages:
This leads to certification in accordance with standard Europe.
Top acoustic ceiling: Voided Slab U due to central air cavity, insulation against transmission of airborne sound is very good. The reduction of sound transmission in educational, religious, socially and lounge is very important.
Active vibration control and shape, ceiling joists due to orthogonal I Voided Slab U-shaped, very high moment of inertia for the roof over the bed and prestressed systems and even waffles creates. Generally, it can be kind of a truss roof on a hollow concrete called U-Boot. Accordingly, the rigidity roof will be a lot of very good addition to vibration and deflection control, transfer of seismic forces as a rigid diaphragm does well.
Reducing the effective mass of the slab: Voided Slab U Although difficult to create similar to the slab thickness, but it weighs almost half. In addition to reducing the structural weight and better performance in earthquakes, reduced the materials used in the concrete.


Architecture benefits:
Flexibility in architecture: Voided Slab U by eliminating the possibility of intermediate columns and column uncertain investment plan provides no columns for the structure.
Increased parking: One of the major problems in architectural design, providing the required parking in each building. Voided Slab U as the economic advantages mentioned, by eliminating intermediate columns in addition to providing more parking, more convenient to move, and the circulation of cars in the parking lot provided.
Remove hanger beams: This architecture provides a height further inland. In addition, due to the reduced thickness of the roof can be shorter and less implemented floors with stairs and this reduces the size and increases the useful space inside is stepping box.

design benefits

Executive benefits:
The thickness of lower ceiling: U-Boot using and benefiting from the performance of two-way slab caved roof and a balanced distribution of forces between the abutments, beams suspension is removed and decreases in the thickness of the roof. As Msaal to span 13 meters, the thickness of the roof is only 35 cm.
Remove the columns and beams poster: Due to the performance of two-way slab roof caved in U-beams poster paint and capital of the slab is removed, which reduces cost and speed up the execution is related to formatting.

Extra resistance against earthquakes: to reduce the effective mass of evidence that it reduces the cutting force of earthquakes on structures to be effective. The two layers above and below the slab attached to the form completely and mosaics, is providing high rigidity balance transfer slab and lateral earthquake forces to the lateral elements.