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U-Boot precedures

1. Close the form of flat underside of the slab
At this stage, according to existing equipment, formatting underside of the slab. These molds can be made of wood,  and so on.

قالب بندی.jpg درست

2. Close the bottom slab reinforcement network
Low voltage network implementation plan should be closed at least one bar is in the form of U-Boot.

precedure 2

3-picking templates according to the plans of action

U-Boot templates are arranged according to the plans of action at this stage and they are regulated by dams built on them.دال مجوف دوپوش ایستافرم


4. Close the top slab reinforcement network

At this point the high voltage network packaging as well as the need for shear reinforcement, the reinforcement in the form of fall.

precedure 4b

5-concreting first layer

In carrying out this type of evidence, concreting work is done in two layers. The first layer with a thickness of about 5 to 10 cm (depending on the size of the base mold), which is poured into molds trapped air to enter concrete into the mold does not.

precedure concrete 2


6-completion of concreting

The second layer is poured onto the first layer to the desired thickness is reached. It should be noted interval between two layers of concrete in the first layer should be high enough that setting.

precedure concrete


7-Open floor format

After pouring concrete at the time specified in national building regulations ninth topic and format of the evidence collected will be transferred to another floor.

precedure 7

It should be noted all the issues related to formatting, reinforcement, concreting and maintenance of concrete in the ninth issue of national building regulations come about this evidence is true and should be carefully implemented.